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History Of
Northumberland Heights

By the early


Northumberland Heights embarked on its journey as a humble farmhouse owned by the Theile family. What was once a rustic abode was soon transformed into a renowned restaurant serving exclusive German cuisine, with a particular focus on the beloved German Schnitzel. The culinary prowess of Mike and Chef Sadie garnered such popularity that patrons would arrive by helicopter to savour their exquisite dishes and premium libations.

During the


Northumberland Heights saw a transition of ownership and purpose. The property changed hands several times, evolving its identity and offerings. It continued to host exquisite dining experiences, adding a dining room and a banquet hall to cater to a diverse range of guests, who enjoyed not only the culinary delights but also the charm of the venue.

Fast Forward to


The property took a new turn when it was acquired by Meena Devi. She unveiled the revitalised Northumberland Conference and Retreat Center on Mother’s Day, carrying on the legacy of fine dining and weddings. In addition to its role as a culinary haven, the property also began serving as a retreat for writers and a sanctuary for yoga and meditation enthusiasts, enriching the guest experience.

Heritage Moment


Northumberland Heights stands as a testament to the passage of time and the dedication of its stewards. The property has been meticulously upgraded to meet international luxury standards, ensuring a top-tier experience for its cherished visitors. Alongside its historic roots and gastronomic heritage, Northumberland Heights has embraced the wisdom of traditional Indian Ayurveda, offering acclaimed wellness regimens that have earned recognition worldwide. Today, Northumberland Heights proudly offers a comprehensive international wellness experience, while also providing cutting-edge facilities for corporate events, conferences, weddings, parties, and celebrations, all crowned by the pinnacle of fine dining.

Today - Northumberland Heights

Our Vision

Adding Life To Years & Years To Life

In 2015, the OZONE GROUP released its vision by seamlessly merging internationally acclaimed Indian hospitality with world-class wellness retreat standards. This led to the acquisition of “Northumberland Heights” and the establishment of a Wellness Resort and Spa. In today’s fast-paced world, the need for occasional respite and holistic rejuvenation is undeniable. At Northumberland Heights, we’ve meticulously designed a haven where mind, body, and intellect harmonise.

From The Founders

In 2007, Karan embarked on a journey with the family-owned OZONE GROUP, a thriving conglomerate deeply rooted in the Indian subcontinent. While excelling in various aspects of the family business, he harboured a passionate ambition to expand their horizons on a global scale. Fueled by unrelenting passion and a vision to introduce India's renowned culture of hospitality to the Western world, Karan ventured into the realm of hospitality. Frequent travels to Canada sparked the quest for the perfect canvas to bring his dream to life. Amid numerous online searches, the name "Northumberland Heights" consistently emerged as a beacon of promise. During his inaugural visit, Karan was completely captivated by the property's timeless charm. In that moment, he made the resolute decision to establish his hospitality venture within its historic walls. This marked the inception of Northumberland Heights, a sanctuary devoted to serenity and well-being, where the blending of history and modern luxury creates a truly exceptional experience for all who visit.


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